Heart And Soul Clinic

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Dedicated and Fun at the Clinic

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Voice of a patient who wished to remain anonymous

Our Mission

To provide highest quality healthcare to our uninsured and underinsured neighbors in Central Indiana regardless of their social, cultural, and economic status.

Values Statement

We will deliver our services with compassion and competence as we remain attentive to the health and well-being of those we serve while being guided by the holy spirit.

3 Year Strategic Plan


3-Year Strategic Plan Vision: Building our capacity to multiply our impact. 



Goal 1: Informed Care

We partner with our patients to deliver care designed to meet their needs. 



Goal 2: Intentional Team Support

We invest in our people to support a mission-centered, diverse team of volunteers, staff members, and board leaders. 



Goal 3: Sustainable Resource Development

We engage with our supporters to inspire sustained giving and strengthen our operational capacity. 



Goal 4: Broad Community Awareness

We connect with our community to be a recognized and trusted health resource.




Annual Report 2023

Please review the 2023 Annual Report to learn more about Heart and Soul Clinic.

Clinic Earned Gold Star Rating

Heart and Soul Clinic earned a 2023 Gold Rating from the National Association of Free and Charitable Clinics (NAFC) Quality Standards Program.

The mission of the National Association of Free and Charitable Clinics is to ensure the medically underserved have access to affordable health care. The NAFC and its members are dedicated to ensuring that patients receive quality health care. To quantify and qualify the care provided at the Free and Charitable Clinic network, the NAFC formalized a set of Quality Standards for member organizations. 

NAFC Members voluntarily submit information to the NAFC on the various policies and procedures in place to attain their standards rating and attest/pledge that they successfully incorporate these standards within their organization. 

NAFC Quality Standards elements include policies and procedures related to the following areas: Administrative, Enhanced Access and Continuity of Care, Identifying and Managing Patient Population information, Planning and Managing Care, Providing Self-Care Support and Community Resources, Tracking and Coordinating Care, and Measuring and Improving Performance. 

We are excited to have received this top rating highlighting our commitment to providing quality care for our patients. For more information on the NAFC, please visit www.nafcclinics.org.


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